I am Camilla, the designer of Camilla Bloom which I founded in 2018. I credit my desire for meticulous craftsmanship to my family's history of carpentry and tailoring. My design background is also in tailoring and outerwear, so I’m exacting when it comes to detail and finish. I love the discipline of this kind of design but I also want to feel free in my clothing.

I like clothes that look special but aren’t demanding or restrictive to wear; they should feel like a second skin. My design aesthetic has been hugely influenced by 1980's cult brand BodyMap - their multi layered looks, unstructured shapes and emphasis on fluidity.

'Bloom' is a nod to my late maternal Grandmother Barbara Bloom who owned her own boutique and a lot of leopard print.


Right now I’m drawn to working with knit as a form of construction. For me, it's a great way of combining formality with comfort. Typically with ready-to-wear, woven fabric is bought ready-made before being constructed into a garment - it feels much more authentic for me to work with knit, because I get to design the surface textures from scratch before knitting into garment form.

As a result, the outcome is much more intricate and unique than traditional ready-to-wear. It takes a lot of time and experimentation to make these garments - which bridge the gap between the fluidity found in knitwear and the structure of tailoring. 

I only work with the best craftspeople from small-scale producers in Italy and China who are renowned for their knitting expertise and meticulous quality. Ethical practices and the use of high quality materials with a low environmental impact are integral to my work.

The pieces are fully fashioned, which means that each garment is knitted to the exact shape and size needed, leaving little-to-no waste in production.

My collections are not named after seasons. I don't like the implication that they expire. Instead they are designed to be long-lasting and versatile - an investment for everyday life.



MIMMO studios online and in store (UK)

50m online and in store (UK)

Auné online and in store (UK)

Lone Design Club (UK)

Rêve Ultime (Sweden)