Clothing Care


- Instead of giving your knits a full wash, try to spot clean marks by hand. We have a tendency to wash clothes too often, which shortens the lifespan of the garment.
- Check care labels for specific washing instructions for each garment. 
- Dry-clean or hand wash at no more than 40 degrees, using a delicate wash detergent
- Avoid biological detergent; this will damage the yarns - use non-bio instead.
- Never tumble dry knitwear. 




- To dry after after hand-washing, lay your knit flat on a towel after squeezing excess moisture. Do not wring, twist or hang the garment to dry, this will distort the shape.
- Iron using steam on a low heat with the garment inside out, ideally with a tea towel or cloth between the knit and iron.
- Always fold your knitwear, do not hang. Hanging will cause the garment to drop & will distort the shape. 
- Pilling sometimes appears with softer yarns such as superfine merino and silk, this is not a defect. This occurs in the early stages of wear - the small balls of fibre will come off after hand washing and using a cashmere comb.
- Between wearing, store your knitwear in the Camilla Bloom organic cotton muslin bags provided with online purchases. This will protect the pieces from moisture and moths. If you bought your CB knitwear elsewhere, any vacuum pack or natural fibre drawstring bag will help to preserve.