Behind The Brand

Camilla designs knitwear that makes you feel good, focusing on twinsets, separates and accessories that are special without being demanding to wear. 

Camilla has moved away from the traditional fashion model because she doesn’t like the implication that clothes expire after the season has passed. She loves the transformative power of fashion, but feels the wastefulness of the industry can't be ignored and believes there should be more balance. 

The brand is named after Camilla’s late grandmother Barbara Bloom, a force of nature and leopard print-lover who shaped Camilla's earliest fashion memories. 

Clothes and accessories are designed by Camilla in London before they’re knitted by talented producers in small quantities. Camilla designs pieces that are versatile and long-lasting, to be looked after and treasured, an investment for life. 

At the Camilla Bloom & Friends Pop Up Shop, December 2023  


Camilla in her studio in London, UK 2021


Barbara BloomBarbara Bloom, at her 60th birthday